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..to love growing plants is to discover the magic of time suspended.

Growing plants is experience the magic of time suspended. Carolyn

Sixty years ago, as a Junior High schooler, I began experiments with plant hormones. During the years since, I have raise many gardens, enjoyed the apples, peaches, pears, and plums from trees I nurtured and enoyed a home full of houseplants.

Carolyn, my wife of fifty-one years and I both enjoy gardening She expecially loves her roses. I have built greenhouses for year-around gardening. I have experimented with hydorponics that grew tomatoes until Thanksgivings. Carolyn and I ran a fruit stand selling vegtables from our very large garden. Finding better ways to grow our plants has been part of life together. Carolyn and I now offer you the benefit of our years of gardening experience through PlantHormones.Net.

We offer many types of plant hormones from 10 grams to 50 grams on Amazon and on Ebay in our store CarolynsYardSale

I am sorry, we cannot ship internationally

None of the hormones we sell are intended for skin application or human comsumption.

We welcome your comments and qestions concerning specific applicatioins for your stituation. Email us at hormones4you@gmail.com PlantHormes.net is operated by PlantHormones LLC ©
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