Plant hormones are essential to maximize growth and flower production. 
Every cycle of a plant’s life requires different sets of hormones from germination to fruit production. By increasing these naturally occurring hormones we can affect the growth and production of plants.
What are plant hormones?
Plant hormones are proteins that regulate plant growth also known as “phytohormones”.
Types of hormones:
  1. Abscisic acid
  2. Auxins
  3. Cytokinins
  4. Ethylene
  5. Gibberellic acid
  6. Others that do not fall into a category, but are important
Why use plant hormones?
The need for plant hormones has increased because soils have less micronutrients and the bee population had diminished decreasing proper pollination for setting fruit What are the uses of plant hormones?
  • Speed seed germination and rate
  • Increase fruit set
  • Increase stem length
  • Increase plant size
  • Increase fruit quantity and/or size
Check out this detailed and extensive article on plant hormones, “The five ‘classical’ plant hormones”  by Han Kende and Jan Zeevaat. What is the best hormone for your application? Let us help. Your questions are welcome. david.lsturtz@gmail.com
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